By Miriam Sorrell

My father ran a restaurant in Charing Cross Road in London's West End for many years. He specialised in a full English breakfast, which he served throughout the day 7 days a week, and he was known for this speciality.  Many a theatreland celeb. visited his restaurant and loved the smoky flavours and the 'greasy spoon' treat.   The atmosphere and aroma drew in many customers, leaving behind them an empty oval platter - his prices were always reasonable, and the plates that came out of his kitchen served full to the brim. His restaurant, actually called the 'Oval Platter', was set on 3 floors, and unsurprisingly, was always full (whilst neighbouring restaurants across this long road tried hard to replicate his breakfast, nobody managed to do this, and many an owner would stand out and watch the customers queueing in all weather conditions to eat at The Oval Platter).  He cooked his bacon to perfection and his sausages were the best in town, and he knew it.  He had them specially made with the finest ingredients, spices and texture, always consistent and always guaranteed the same delicious flavour concoctions over and over again over the years.  I am proud to say that I have managed to replicate both the taste and mouthfeel, and now you too will enjoy the savoury, more-ish and memorable nostalgic taste of The Central London’s Infamous British banger.

I have to say, before my vegan days, I too indulged, and so, when going vegan for ethical purposes, I felt compelled to fill the gaps that were lacking, and to fullfil my appetite and cravings for such foods, which I must admit I loved dearly.  My father’s speciality was the sausage - smoky, crispy and succulent – and boy, did his sozzlers sizzle !  I used to enjoy this treat weekly, even if the rest of the time I indulged mainly in vegetarian cuisine.

Once I was exposed to the cruelty of factory farming methods, I challenged myself to embark on a journey - a journey that would take me 2 years - to create the sublime and authentic taste and texture of the classic British ‘Banger’ and veganize it - I succeeded, and 'BIG BANG Bangers' was born.    In this way, we vegans can now have ‘our cake and eat it’, and our non-vegan friends and family can also partake in sharing them with us (as well as the ones who want all the taste, but without the cholesterol).   My mission was to recreate the ‘Banger’, which I so dearly loved and felt nostalgic about, and more importantly, to decrease the demand for real pork sausages in so doing - thereby decreasing the overall need for meat, and the demand on pigs’ lives.   I have created fresh versions of the dried mix bangers, as well as other old time favourites, mostly in dried form, in order that I can reach anybody worldwide with the same cravings.   I hope you enjoy my ‘Bangers’, and other soon-to-come mixes for many years to come !  Happy you, Happy Us & Happy Piggies too !